Bill Inzer

restaurant owner

We are all very familiar with the quality ROUNDUP equipment that we have in our stores, but if you haven’t tried the VIZION Water Filtration System, you are in for a big surprise.

I installed my VIZION System before we switched to the new Fountain System provided by Coca-Cola®. In the old system, we could adjust the brixing ratio. We had to in order to mask the bad taste and odors in our local water system. We had a filter on the water, but nothing like the VIZION System. After we installed VIZION, we adjusted the brixing ratio back to the correct mix. We immediately started producing a higher quality drink, like what would come from a bottling plant. Our drinks were far superior to all the surrounding competition and our drink sales went up dramatically. At the same time the number of bag in the boxes went down by about 20% because we were not using excess syrup to hide tastes and odors. In one year, the savings in syrup paid for the VIZION System.

The VIZION System has also had a major impact on our equipment maintenance. It has been really noticeable on our ice machine maintenance. We have reduced our maintenance calls, which has improved our profit. Also, the scale buildup went down so we don’t have to clean the units as often. The TAC cartridge bonds the minerals so a large percentage just pass through all the equipment, using water.

Now that we have switched to the new Coca-Cola® Fountain System that does not allow for brixing changes, good filtration is even more important with bad water. We continue to make bottler quality drinks. Of course you are not going to decrease the number of bag in boxes, but improved water will increase the quality of your beverages.


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